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This is my first EVER web page!


Firstly, there will be some stuff

Secondly, things will happen

Thirdly, and most importantly, weasels will be involved

Click on the crazy weasel below to learn about these magnificent creatures

The Almighty Weasel

So, here it is. Huzzah. I kinda started messing around with text generators, random HTML code and pictures of weasels and... well... this happened. It's all being made up on the fly (and will probably look like crap for some time), but I'm thinking I'm going to create some weasel characters with art, background stories and maybe a 'weasel world' or something. I dunno, I just kinda... like weasels.

I'll let you know a little bit about me, I suppose. Who is this mysterious human who 'just kinda likes weasels'? Well, her name is Kai, and she likes to draw things. Mostly freakish fantasy creatures and weird, undefined abstract things beyond description. Sometimes even cute things that people actually like to look at. She dreams of being a great artist one day and maybe she'll even write some short stories at some point. Either way, she really ought to stop writing in third person. It's kinda creepy.